Don’t be satisfied with stories
How things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.

Rumi wrote these words centuries before my wandering heart would find them and realize that they spoke a truth so deep it is hard to see on most days.

The story contained within this blog is a typical one: Girl turns 30. She wonders what she’s doing with her life and why she feels so empty. She walks away from it all, leaving those things that define “her” behind, hoping to find the myth already enfolded within. It’s a story that’s been told thousands of times, but each time with a slightly different voice, a slightly different perspective, a slightly different ending.

This is my story of spending 16 months living out of a backpack, with all of those wonderful things that made my little NY apartment “home”, boxed up and stored away. I of course was looking and hoping for a change, but as I packed that last box, I had no idea the challenges and changes that lay on the path before me. In retrospect it was inevitable.

January 2012: India

The adventure contained within these words and photos chronicles travels through many places: the U.S., India, Nepal, Vietnam, Senegal, Tanzania, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Morocco and my own heart.  Don’t let the colorful photos fool you – nothing has been as expected, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My hope is that by keeping this blog up now that my travels have ended, it will inspire someone else to take that leap of faith that leads them closer to their own true joy.

My leap led me to, Soulié, a social enterprise that was always residing in my heart and natural next step once I returned home. To learn more about Soulié and our mission to preserve crafts and create more beauty in the world, check out our website at If you love the story, please spread the word. We are a tribe, and only with your help can we grow and do more good.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure with me.
With love and light.




Renee Lamb Headshot








Note: All material on this website is property of Renee Lamb. Feel free to forward, tweet, or share any pieces that inspire you, just make sure to give credit to yours truly.

  1. Dani Lima said:

    So happy that you are following your heart and going after your dreams. Enjoy this journey and phase of your life, and know that anywhere you go, you always have a home here with me – where ever it is that I may be 🙂 Please be safe!


  2. Leland Alkire said:

    Hellw Renee,
    You don’t know me but I have sailed twice on the Corinthian II with Steve. One was three years ago from Cape to Cape via South Georgia Island, the other a few weeks ago to Antarctica. It was such a treat to see Steve again and to have Cheryl meet him this time as well. She was not able to go on the Cape to Cape trip three years ago. Cheryl and I will avidly follow your travels from now on. Your quotes are very moving . Keep them coming!

    Lee and Cheryl Alkire

  3. Greg said:

    Enjoying the blog. Getting a worldly view from a well-spoken and enthusiastic young lady is definitely a good read. You actually remind me of an old friend of mine. Keep up the good work.

    • An old friend… from PGHS perhaps??
      Thanks Greg. It is good to hear from you!

  4. AS said:

    Renee…Great blogging. What a grand experience to sample so many cultures and landscapes. I’m still working my way around the globe, and it always interesting to hear others’ perspectives on places I have or have not traveled. In no attempt at a segway – check out the Sept 2012 edition of National Geographic. It highlights some of my research on US weather and climate extremes (name it in too). May also be heading to Taipei the end of Oct to present at a conference. Any travel trips for Taiwan?
    Cheers and good luck

  5. maja said:

    Great blog! Everything will fall into place for sure 🙂

  6. Cory said:

    My God! You are back on the radar. Sounds like you have lots of really great stories to tell. Wish you the best……another old friend.


  7. Cory said:

    Hey Renee,
    When you make it back to this side of the world (East Cost USA), let me know. Maybe we can grab some coffee and catch up sometime. I’ve been enjoying reading about you adventures. Let me know if you ever get a chance to try turkish coffee while you’re out and about. I think some people call it greek coffee others may call it turkish and some may call it ottoman coffee…. either way I’m curious.

    Safe venturing,

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