Canada: The 7th Wonder of the Natural World

A true New Brunswick “Provincial Top Attraction”, the Bay of Fundy is in the running to be one of the New7Wonders of Nature (according to my whale watching captain, it is already an honorary 8th). Why all the hubbub? Over 1 billion tons of water move in and out of the Bay between tides, and at some points in the bay, the differential between high and low tide is 40-50 feet. That makes a common 3 foot tide look quite unexceptional!

We visited at low tide when you can walk on the “sea floor” and watch the tide come in at a rate of 6-8 vertical feet per hour. The rocks you see in the above picture were 4 hours away from being surrounded by kayaks instead of pedestrians.

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  1. Meghna said:


    Did you follow any random men to the bottom of the sea floor let by only the light of a match, comforted the whole time knowing that you’re a yellow belt in karate if he tries anything? If not, please do.

    I miss you already 😦

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