A Favorite Find: Olympic National Park’s Pacific Coast

La Push, Beach 2: Before leaving Seattle, my sister told me that we had to stop in La Push if we were driving through the Olympic Peninsula. I, of course, took her word and we ventured the 15 miles off 101 towards the coast. About 10 miles in, I had the realization that this is “Twilight” land, and in fact, this town might be more well-known for its association with the movie than for anything else.

Boy was I wrong. As soon as we drove into the town, home to Quileute Indian tribe, it was clear my sis had not led me astray. Driftwood (and by driftwood I mean 2-6′ wide pine tree segments) covered the beach. Small fishing boats were bobbing in the current, and the view to the horizon was only broken by the large rocks jetting out of the sea.

Kalaloch Campground: Nestled amongst giant mossy trees on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this was quite the romantic campground (two words I never thought I would use together). Still partially filled at the beginning of October with a dozen RV’s and a sampling of tents, we knew this place had to be good as soon as we drove in.

Reservations are required from June to September.  If you want a view, make sure to reserve the D loop, numbers 24/31/33/35/36/37. We chose 37.

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  1. and even better… it’s twilight country!

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