India: Very Yogic

I have just finished doing a yoga teacher training, which I think by default causes you to think of life in poetic parables… And if 30 straight days of yoga don’t do it, 30 straight days of India will.

To honor my month long commitment to 12 hours a day of yoga practice, meditation, and literary study, I brought some Yogi tea with me from NY. (If you don’t know Yogi tea, they have catchy little sayings on all of their tea bags.) Today’s says: “Life is a chance, Love is infinity, Grace is reality”. Thinking back to the loss of my friend Janika, inspires me to reinterpret the saying this way:

Love like your life depends on it, Live with grace, and Realize that your dreams have already been fulfilled.

I might just have to use that in one of my classes. Well, that is if I ever put this yoga thing to economic use.

Om Shanti

1 comment
  1. Nedret said:

    This was something I needed to hear (read) this morning.. I thank you from the bottom of my hear Renee!

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