USA: The One and Only NY

N/R/QIf there was any doubt that New York City is a place all to itself – I just watched the man sitting across from me on the subway, who, mind you, had been sitting there completely normal for the past 5 minutes, pull a bottle of purple berry juice out of his white athletic sock. Just when I thought that was weird enough, he proceeded to pull up his other pant leg where a small bottle of almond milk had been tucked away for safe keeping in his other sock.

If this were JFK airport, he would have so been arrested by now.

  1. Mitch said:

    There is a big blank square beneath this post. It taunts me. Did you capture a photo that WordPress technology has failed to project? Because if you did, I need to see it. And obviously, I also need to maximize the use of my socks, which currently contain only…my feet.

  2. Unfortunately no picture!! I was too in shock to even move – and perhaps also slightly apprehensive that if I did move, he might offer me a sip. …But you are right – he has assuredly maximized the utility of his socks. We should all be so efficient!

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